Invasion | Board Game/Wall Panel System

Original KLOTSKI Analysis

Like other sliding-block puzzles, several different-sized block pieces are placed inside a box, which is generally in 4 X5 size. Among the blocks, there is a special one(the “BOSS“) which must be moved to a special area designated by the game board. The player is not allowed to remove blocks, and may only slide blocks horizontally and vertically. Common goals are to solve the puzzle with a minimum number of moves or in a minimum amount of time.

Rules of Play INVASION

1. Two players game (#1 and #2)

2. Move elements inside the territory horizontally and vertically. 

3. Only the player piece (#1 and #2) could circulate freely from one to another territory.

4. The goal is to invade into the other palyer’s initial territory.

5. Strategies: 

i). Use minimal steps to get out of each individual territory.

ii). Block the other player while moving 

Sample Game (Player 1 Wins)

Using Format