B-Side | 聚光之外

With 24 artists’ bodies of work, B-Side presents cutting-edge reflections on concurrent social issues. A selection of photography, prints, installations, and short films engage the audience into the world of the counterculture and encourage them to discover the leftovers of mainstream culture and the backstories embedded within the society. B-Side hopes to provoke a dialogue between emerging artists and the audience and facilitates a channel to inspirations and sensations alongside the works of art.

The focus of  B-Side is on the artists’ interpretations of the social ineffability. The artists generate works that encompass technical complexity, humanity and social ambiguity with a motivation to delve into the depth of the social issue through their visions and lenses. As the Information Revolution proceeds, these artists ambitiously explore subjects, forms, and techniques with digital tools and, as a result, produce critical insight into the B-sides of our society. 

* In this project, I am the exhibition initiator, chief curator, and exhibition designer.

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B-Side Install & Opening

Video Credit: Leo Wang

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