Sotheby's Contemporary Art Office | 窺 ‧ 蘇富比當代藝術中心




Lever House (4th Floor and 5th Floor) by SOM

390 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022


Receptions | Auditorium / Conference Room (36 persons) | Open Work Space (30 persons) | Private Offices | Private Consultation Rooms |  Viewing Room |  Pre Function Space | Research Library | Bathrooms | Pantry & Dining | Storages | Lounge


Sotheby's Contemporary Department

Client Needs

Efficiency | Hierarchy | Privacy | Exclusivity | Artsy | 


Site Adjacencies


Study of Natural Lighting

Study of Existing Conditions


According to Sotheby’s business structure and the nature of auction and Art business industry, the Secrecy becomes the major concerns of office design. By separating three different user groups of the space. As a modern office, the opportunity to peek at others groups would speak to the human nature of peeping.


Concept Collage : Material | Client | Site


Lighting Inspiration 


Material Pallet


Furniture Selection All From Steelcase


4th Floor Furnished Plan

5th Floor Furnished Plan

Furnished Elevations

Work Spaces Rendering Images

Research Library | Staircase View

Open Work Station View

Pre-Function | Gallery View

Gallery | Lower Floor Library View


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