ZEN Residential for Multigeneration | 三代同堂 習佛



Toren Condominium by SOM

150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201


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Multi-generation Chinese Buddhist Family.

Client Needs

The family is pursuing a very strict buddhist lifestyle.

Both the parents have a busy work schedule, they did not have time to spend with their son. However, the grandmother aims to get the family gather around to practice buddhism, which she believes could help the young parent and their son being close by the religion.

Having a time practicing together will be the major demand of the family which is also their top requirement of the program will be the practice space.

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Conceptual Collage

This collage reveals the detachments brought by urban lifestyle.

Design Concept Collage

The concept of architectural element is to combine the concrete of the condominium with organic form: water.


    To figure out how to architecturally insert the Buddhism practice room in to the plan, which should be a cube that has equal dimensions of all sides, aiming to have embrace the concept of balance in Buddhist believe.

   Shifting the boundary of the plan to figure out where the cube should be placed. To surround other daily programs that connected by the practice room.


Material and Color Studies


Inspiration Board



Living Room
Dinning Room
Practice Room

Living Room Dinning Room Practice Room

Rendering by 3ds Max



Physical Model Making




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